Life-by-Design (LBD) is an Integrated Marketing, Communications and Enterprise Development Agency. 

We specialize in working with Government Agencies, NGOs and Change Makers to effectively deliver social impact campaigns to drive positive behavioral change and build resilience within communities.

We are also well known for our work in supporting SMEs from startup right through establishment and growth for over a decade.

Our cornerstone investor is Truestone Impact Investment Management Limited – an impact investment firm based out in the UK with a variety of other investments in Sierra Leone; including ACTB Savings and Loans, one of the largest Deposit-taking Microfinance Banks in the country; iDT Labs, Chicken Town, Frontline Chickens, and Kolat Brick.

Our work was nationally recognized in 2017 with the Group of Companies receiving the All Works of Life (AWOL) Indigenous Business of the Year Award.

A strategic investment by LBD in inkeemedia – a branding and UI/UX design and development company in early 2021, brought in quite significant capacity, creating what is potentially the biggest marketing and branding agency in Sierra Leone.

Do you know about iDT Labs CRM?

This solution lets you manage all your customer relations with a complete database for accounting, prospects and projects.

Reporting & Analysis

The Repoting and Analyses tool gives you a detailed portal customized for your business or institutional needs with data visualization 

On Call Technicians

iDT Labs Technicians are ready to support you onsite and offsite with your own secured IPs.